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Jake and Nate interviewed on the Holy Mountain Printing Podcast

Out now: Converge " Jane Doe" 2XLP Repress via Deathwish/EVR

A repress of our "Jane Doe" album is now available for via Deathwish and Equal Vision. It's taken years for this to finally come together, so we are really excited about getting this out to all of you. The release is available for Pre-order from Deathwish, Deathwish Europe, in the Converge Store, and through Equal Vision. Each store has their own unique vinyl colors. The release is slated to ship to customers on November 30th.

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Kurt Ballou of Converge interviewed on the Jasta Show

Kurt Ballou was interviewed by Jamey on his Jasta Show Podcast. They talk about a ton of subjects including all things Converge, God City, and more.

Converge "Axe To Fall" Repress out now via Epitaph/Deathwish

We have repressed our "Axe To Fall" album. The release was out of print for a bit, so we are excited to make it available again via Deathwish and our own Store. Newbury Comics have an exclusive color of the release available as well.

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Converge "You Fail Me" Redux Full Album Stream via YouTube

Deathtalk: The Converge "You Fail Me" Special w/ Kurt Ballou and J. Bannon

An in depth conversation with Kurt Ballou and J. Bannon about the making of “You Fail Me: Redux” album. We discuss the story behind the original recording, the remix/remastering process and what went into updating the physical packaging.

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Out now: Converge

"You Fail Me" from Converge is the classic follow up to their landmark "Jane Doe" full length album.

Originally released in 2004, the brute force and emotional power on "You Fail Me" is unparalled. Solidifying their reign in the genre that they have defined for over two decades. Never quite content with the original mix, "You Fail Me" Redux was remixed by guitarist Kurt Ballou at his God City studios. The release was also remastered by Alan Douches (Motorhead, Mastodon), and repackaged by vocalist/artist Jacob Bannon.

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